Circuit Guide

Circuit Location:
Directions from the M1
Directions from the A1

Wombwell Circuit runs in an anti-clockwise direction.


A tight turn left shortly after the start line, this corner can cause considerable grief at the beginning of a race. The racing line takes the driver onto the extra tarmac area on the right corner entry. Braking and turn in are conventional, just missing the kerb at the apex. Running wide, the exit allows the driver to use the wide friendly kerb under power, but you need to stay off the grass. If the exit is correctly executed the driver may well be offered an overtaking opportunity at the end of the following straight.

A very fast approach makes this bend both challenging and exciting! The long straight and high speed provide good overtaking possibilities under braking for this bend. A wide entry, braking just after the Marshall’s Post, should take the driver onto the kerb, which must be followed closely until the bend starts to unwind. Exit running across the track to the far kerb and eventually onto the straight, with the correct line taking you near to the wall. The wall – although daunting at first – has proven to be one of the safest barriers in our sport today.

Approach is down the wall and flat out. Clip the kerb on your right and run to the outside of the track. Brake and turn in to the second part of the complex, almost clipping the kerb on the apex. The track is slightly downhill, and this combination requires a kart which is well set up. Oversteer is certainly preferable to understeer.

You really have to have a good exit from Turn 3 if this turn is to be taken without grief. Approach from just left of centre moving to full right just before the braking point. Turn in late to get a good clean exit, which should see you running down the right hand side of the track. Mess up the exit from either Turn 3 or Turn 4 and you are certainly asking to be overtaken.

Approach this 90 degree left hand bend from the extreme right hand side of the track. Brake in a straight line and turn in, clipping the kerb, running wide to hold a position full right and onto the start / finish straight.